Hosted Mail

Hosted Mail


We believe in using the best cloud offerings, so whether your choice is Microsoft Office 365 solution, or Google Apps, we can tell you the benefits of each and let you make the decision on who you would rather let handle your important email and document infrastructure.

OnSight is a Microsoft Cloud Partner and a Google Apps Partner.  In the end we are always your partners first!

Don’t let your provider dictate your solution, make the decision on which solution will work best within your organization after we give you all the information you need!

If you are still considering whether “cloud” technology is right for your business, consider that there are many benefits to moving your exchange infrastructure to Microsoft or Google you may not have realized.  Let us talk with you and help you get transitioned to a hosted exchange environment that suits your needs.  We are Google and Microsoft Cloud partners, and will give you the straight scoop on the advantages and disadvantages of each.  We have no interest in selling you solutions you don’t need, just making sure you are satisfied and save money on your bottom line.